Welcome! My name is Jen.

I am an Intuitive Consultant


Self-Empowerment/Technical Coach

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So what all does that mean?

I combine intuition with technology and logic

I like to call myself a little bit of a dichotomy. I am an angel intuitive as well as have many intuitive gifts such as clairvoyance (clear seeing) and clairsentience (clear feeling). I tap into the spirit world i.e. the angel realm and give loving guidance based on the channeled messages that I receive. My readings are very much like guided coaching calls where I am able to get to the root of the issues and help you understand exactly where the blocks are and how to overcome them. I also have a very practical, logical side to me. In fact, a recent left brain/right brain test showed that I am exactly 50% right brained and 50% left brained. For the past ten years I have been involved in technology as a career, building and managing clinical systems for hospitals all over the United States.  Coupled with my technical experience, I have an innate, natural ability to figure out the tedious, back-end technical side of building a business and I like to empower people to learn and implement these tools themselves without having to outsource. There is something very sexy about self-reliance. I teach and coach women how to get their business up and running in very little time using various types of web tools i.e. WordPress, Mailchimp, Ontrapages, Canva/PicMonkey, and many more.
I also combine both of my modalities of intuitive coaching and action oriented coaching and coach spiritual entrepreneurs how to act on the intuitive hits they receive. I also teach them how to unlock their own intuitive strengths and the difference between an ego thought, versus a logical action oriented thought. There is a huge difference. Intuition is the most powerful tool God gave us, but we must also recognize how and when to take action based on our intuition. You need that Mars and Saturn energy to make things happen and get things done. I help coaches get it done, and especially the hard stuff that usually blocks the progress like the technical stuff.

My teachings of self-empowerment also come with self-love, and giving back to yourself through meditation, and health and wellness. I am a self-proclaimed juicing junkie and I like to teach people the benefits of juicing nutritionally as well as spiritually. I am also a health and wellness coach through a company called Beachbody, which is a top-notch health and wellness company with some of the best trainers, and workout programs in the world.


Thank you to all the beautiful angels that used Jen as a channel to share their wisdom, insight, and love with me! I was literally tingling when we got off the phone !!   I received the exact message I need to hear to keep moving forward in my business, and continue to shine my light!” Kim Gipson, CEO Get Fit Within

Questions to ask yourself:

Are you a heart-centered or spiritual entrepreneur that has a message to give to the masses but you don’t know where to begin?

Are you just starting out in your business, but are stuck not knowing how to tackle the technical pieces of starting your business?

Do you already own a business, but want to take it further with a web site and digital content, but don’t know where to begin?

Do you have a business, or just starting out, block feeling blocked creatively

Are you blocked by fear and unable to move forward? 

Do you intuitively have a great idea, but don’t know how to get started? 

Do you have trouble taking inspired action based on your great ideas? 

Are you lost with setting up the back-end of your business? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions- I can help! 

Whether it’s intuitive guidance you seek or technical tools to get your business off and running, I can support you through the logical and practical side of building your business as well as provide an intuitive channel to help you overcome those blocks, unleash the creativity, and take inspired action!

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