Find What Makes You Glow, and Do More of That

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I am so excited and honored to be a part of the GLOW SCHOOL BLOG TOUR hosted by a dear friend and very special soul to me, whose spirit glows ever so brightly, Dana Gaziolis. Dana and I met through Gabrielle Bernstein’s SpiritJunkie Masterclass that I attended in NYC back in June, 2015. She is not only an amazing life and wellness coach, but also an aspiring country music singer that I know for a fact will be a star! She is following her dreams and moving to Nashville this month, so don’t forget her name. You will see it on billboards one day!
Dana is also a client of mine, and just the other day we were in the middle of a session and got on the subject of our calling and passions. She made the comment about her music career and how some people in her life were surprised at this new found calling, and even questioned it a little bit. I explained how I could relate to that so much, as I had kept my spiritual gifts hidden for various reasons, but when I did finally step out in to the world announcing my true self, I too had people in my life a little confused and surprised. So today I want to tell you the story about my journey to owning my glow, and finally stepping out into my light and finding my calling as an Angel Intuitive and Clairvoyant.

Finding My Glow

For as long as I can remember I always felt like I was different. As much as I loved being around people and being social, I also craved alone time at a very young age. I remember getting so excited to go to my grandparents’ house in the summer as there was this huge oak tree in their yard that was so special to me. While my parents were visiting with my grandparents and my sister was busy playing, I would sit under that oak tree and talk to my “Imaginary friends.” I would sing and dance around that tree and even talk to it. As a young child I was told that I just had a very active imagination. But, as I grew older I started to realize that this channel that I had to the higher realms was not normal and I got fearful. Whenever it was quiet, I would hear the whispers. Sometimes I would even get so overwhelmed with it that I would have to go lie down and cover my ears with a pillow to try and get them to stop. As I got older I feared that something was wrong with me. I remember reading a book in the 4th grade about a girl who had epilepsy and would see these crazy auras and even hear voices before she had a seizure. I started to wonder if I had a neurological problem like the character in the book. It finally got to the point where I finally told them to please go away. And, eventually they did. But, I still had this embarrassment of being different. So instead of owning this difference I tried to blend in as much as possible.
By the time I was in college a lot of those childhood experiences became a distant memory. But, I still had this feeling. I just “knew” things. Sometimes I felt like I could read peoples minds. Without even realizing it, I would predict future events and even while in nursing school I remember my mother waking me up in the middle of the night to tell me that she was taking my sister to the ER. She had severe stomach pain and they were concerned it was her appendix. I remember her waking me up and being very groggy, but also the words came out of my mouth before I could even think, “She will be fine.” “She just has gastritis.” Sure enough, she was sent home with the diagnosis of gastritis. My logical mind kept telling me that I just knew her diagnosis because I was so immersed in nursing school, until similar situations kept happening again and again.
As I got older and in my early 20’s I started to have an interest psychics. Something about them intrigued me and felt so mystical to me.  I would watch hours of Montel re-runs with Sylvia Browne. Here was this woman who looked rather “normal” that could pick a random person out of the crowd and tell them things about them, or better yet give them a message from someone that had passed.  For some reason it fascinated me. I remember the first book I read of hers called Adventures of a Psychic. I swallowed every word and I couldn’t put it down. She told the story of her as a little girl and how different she always felt. Like me, she too grew up in a very strict Christian family where things of that nature were never discussed. She also had playmates as a little girl and heard voices, and even thought as a teenager that she was schizophrenic. That was the first time that I finally felt that I was not alone.
Years later one of my nurse friends introduced me to this psychic named Rose. She was older and lived up north of the city on Lake Lanier (which is the big lake north of Atlanta). I discovered that we had the same birthday and I felt this instant connection to her the first day we met. She was a gentle soul like me, and her guidance and predictions were always spot on. I loved going to see her and the last time I saw her, her message was so profound. She told me that this would be the last time we ever saw each other. I was getting ready to ask why, when she announced to me, “You are like me, and you have a special gift. “In fact, you are going to use this gift to help heal the world.” “This will also be your business one day.” I think my mouth hit the floor. I had went there to find out if she thought I should continue to pursue nurse anesthesia school, not psychic school! That announcement came to me back in February, 2003. I started doing card readings in February, 2004. After that last day with Rose, synchronisities started to occur. I immersed myself in whatever spiritual book I could find. My gifts also started to get stronger. I remember the night my grandfather passed away. It was around 3am and I woke up out of a dead sleep and heard a voice, and I knew exactly who it was. My grandfather had been very ill and was in hospice so we all knew his days on Earth were almost complete. But, as I woke up I heard him say,”Bye Jenni.” “I love you.” I knew then he was gone. About 30 minutes later my mother called to tell me and I said, “I already know. He’s gone.” By the time I reached my mid to late 30’s, my channel to the divine got increasingly even stronger, especially after I found Doreen Virtue. Not long after I read her book Angel Therapy, I opened up my clairvoyance. The first archangel I ever saw was Raphael, and shortly after I started to see all of the others.. I also have a relationship with my guardian angel, and many different spirit guides.  It is comforting to have these angels and guides with me and know that they are there, but again the fear of being judged as crazy or different has always been there. I also grew up in a Christian household where this type of mysticism can be thought or looked upon as the work of the devil. It is disheartening, because I so love Jesus and attend a Christian church. But, I also have this gift that I know deep down in my soul is a gift from God. The work I do is so full of love and healing that there is no way that it did not come from the love of God.  This has actually been the hardest part of coming out for being judged by those who I love. It wasn’t until this past fall that I finally broke free and finally without apologies came out of the “spiritual closet.” I can remember my husband even asking, “Are you sure you want to do this?” I had kept this secret inside for so long, that I often compared myself to what a gay person must feel coming out of the closet. But, I knew in my heart and in my soul that it was time. Time to be the real Jen Kanipe, you know, the one that talks to Angels! (Que… the Black Crowes!)

It’s funny about finding your calling. This entire time I thought that my calling had to do with my career as a Registered Nurse or climbing the corporate ladder as a Nurse Executive. But, as much as I like being in healthcare, it isn’t always that joyful to me and at times can even be soul sucking. What brings me the most joy is being able to tap into this channel of divine guidance that I have and give people clear guidance and healing. I give people hope and help them realize that they are not alone and that they are so loved. I remind them of how powerful they are. I remind them that it’s okay to dream, and dream big! These spiritual gifts that I have are so sacred to me and I am honored to have them.


What makes you glow?

So if you were to ask me, what makes you glow? Finding your calling makes you glow. Doing what you love! People will often come to me and tell me that they don’t know what their purpose in life is yet. I ask them; well what do you love to do that brings you so much joy that doesn’t feel like work? A lot of times the things that you love to do also are gifts that are innately in you whether that is singing, painting, writing, interior design, jewelry design, or it could be a service or gift that you have that you can offer the world. Those are actual examples of answers from clients and friends when I have been asked that question. We are creative beings by nature, but unfortunately, we have unlearned that side of us or been taught to believe that those things are not important or that us right brained people are too idealistic and just a bunch of day dreamers. But, I would rather be with a dreamer. Those are the people that know how to create ideas, and know what it’s like to wish on a star, and actually have it come true. I’m not telling you all to go out and immediately try to find a job in your creative hobby. A lot of times that is just not possible with bills to pay and families to support, but what I am telling you to do is do more of it. Our purpose is to find our joy, or our bliss.We as a society have lost that purpose along the way. But, once you finally step into what you undoubtedly love, your calling will then find you!

Owning what you love as your unique calling may be frightening. You may be afraid of being judged like me, or even feared that you aren’t good enough. You may be scared that family or friends might mock it or try and squash your dreams. Keep it sacred and only share it with those in your inner circle that you feel safe in sharing. Often times the issue is that we are not confident enough with ourselves. Confidence is something that you will create within yourself from knowing exactly who you are. And, when the time is right, and you are finally confident in owning your story,  and the true authentic you;  shine that big bright light of yours and share your gift to the world. . From the wise words of the great Wayne Dyer, “Don’t die with your music still inside of you.” You have so much to give to the world. In other words, find what makes you glow, and do more of that.

I can’t tell you how exciting it is to see all of these beautiful glowing women shine and share a part of their story. You can check them all out here at: Glowschool Blog Tour.
Yesterday, Danielle Mercurio shared her amazing story of her glowing gypsy heart,  and please be sure to check out Jennifer Twardowski’s beautiful story on Monday. This is  truly an amazing group of women that are all glow so brightly and uniquely that you must not miss out!



I also highly recommend you taking advantage of Dana’s FREE 10-Day Get Glowing Adventure starting February 1st. It’s 10 days of simple + fun daily challenges and inspiration.  If anyone knows how to glow, it’s Dana, so if you want to get your glow on.. sign up today!

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