Who are the Angels?

Did you know that you have angels all around you, and one in particular that is assigned as your guardian angel? The word Angel means “messenger of God.” These divine beings of light carry prayers and messages from God to all living things. They are one of the only spiritual beings that are recognized in almost all religions. They are pure unconditional love and are here to help guide us and assist us with every day life. They only see the good in you- your big bright light and will often time gently nudge you in the direction of your life’s purpose. Each of the archangels have their own divine purpose and you can call on each and every one of them for guidance, healing, or protection. Your guardian angel is with you at all times, and takes his or her assignment very seriously. Even though you can not see them, they are always there and if you look closely, you will see signs from them every day.

Ever since I was a little girl I have had a relationship with my Angels. I was a highly imaginative child, and I can remember how much I loved being alone so that I could play and chat with my imaginary friends. They all had names, and Michael was one in particular that I often spoke to and called upon. I now believe that those imaginary friends were actually my spiritual playmates or my angels. As I grew older and into my pre adolescent years, I briefly shut down my connection to the angel realm. Although, I always felt them nearby, especially during times of anguish. But, It wasn’t until 2003, when a very well known psychic named Rose who you may have seen on The Real Housewives of Atlanta told me after multiple visits that I had a gift of communicating with the angle realm and I would one day use it to help others. As you can imagine, I was totally shocked and confused. I was a registered nurse at the time just wanting to know if I should do travel nursing or go to Nurse Anesthetist school! But, as events would unfold after that day, certain books, people, and even new interests were put in my path that led me on this huge spiritual journey, and back to the beginning where I started to remember my connection I had to the angels and began communicating with them again.



Angel readings are a great way to reconnect you to your inner guidance through the communication channels of the angel realm. I use the teachings that I have learned from Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine, as well as my own knowledge and experience that I have carried with me all of my life.  I not only use beautiful angel oracle and tarot cards to channel the angels, but I am also clairvoyant (clear seeing) and clairaudient (clear hearing) and use all three, plus my psychic empathy to provide you with the most healing and gentle guidance that you will receive. You will leave the angel reading with a renewed sense of purpose and passion. The more open and receptive you are to your reading, the more information you will receive. My advice to you would be to trust- you will not be disappointed!
I would be honored to give you an Intuitive Angel Reading today!




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60 Minute Reading:  $125.00

Archangel Gabriel Reading: $60.00

Are you needing clear messages and guidance about a particular life issue, such as your life purpose or career? Or are you having issues with fertility or have questions about your children? This is the Archangel especially for you.


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