We all have a story, just as we all have a past. What is so interesting about our stories is that each chapter that we tell ourselves over and over in our head and to the people in our lives actually takes on a whole new story in itself. It’s as if we meant to knit a scarf, and we end up knitting a sweater with four or five arms instead. Then that sweater with the five arms takes on its own story as each arm becomes a decision, whether it may be a bad one, or a great one. It becomes its own entity. Life is tricky that way. The decision is ours. But, what makes it so exciting and also very scary at the same time is that we are in charge of this life of ours. We are our own creator. We have the power to manifest beautiful miracles in our lives every single day! It is amazing how wonderful life can be when you finally decide, and believe, and trust that life can be so wonderful So many people in this world have yet to understand this simple truth. I was stuck in that same oblivion until I went through a phase in my life where I needed God the most. My life has not been all rainbows and unicorns either. In fact, there have been a few times in my life that I was in such a dark place that I never thought I would see the light. But, one night back in April as I was lying in bed, I actually heard a voice whisper to me “it’s time!” I remember thinking, it’s time for what? But, I intuitively knew… it’s time for me to share my story of how my past shaped my spiritual journey. And with that, comes teaching other’s such as you how to own your stories, how discover who you really are as your true authentic self, how to LOVE yourself unconditionally, and with that comes overcoming fear, shame, hurt, regrets, and did I mention FEAR? 😉 And, lastly how to manifest beautiful miracles in your life. My story or stories I should say have now become my purpose! It’s been a long and winding road and I took many a detour but now that I re-member who I am as a spiritual being I finally feel whole. This business is my story and all of the sweater arms that I have knitted along the way. Some of these arms are stories that were not my stories, but other peoples stories who tried to make me also believe in that story. And some I owned myself. But as each arm unraveled and took on a new life of itself, so did I as a spiritual being. I guess that sums up the definition of spiritual growth. God did not put us here on this planet so that we can be unhappy and suffer. Of course there is suffering in this world, but it’s how we handle the chaos which will elevate your life to the next level. We chose to be here at this very moment in time. This is such a special time to be living here on Earth! People are awakening to their spiritual truths every day! People are started to live a heart-centered life. People are finally starting to choose Love over fear! It’s all how we choose to live our lives. We are all related and come from the same creator. It doesn’t matter what religion or political party you are in, what race or sexuality… we are all one, and what we all need to realize is that we all want the same things… happiness, freedom, and most of all love. So come work with me! Partner with me on your spiritual journey, follow me along as I own my stories, and hopefully a small piece of it will relate to each one of you.

Who am I to teach?

It’s funny how life works. Every trial, every emotional pain I have ever experienced led me closer to God. I always felt like I was different. I had an extremely active imagination as a young child, and loved playing alone. It was there that I could immerse myself in my own little world and talk to all of my “friends.” Those friends, I later discovered in life were not just imaginary friends. Those were my spiritual playmates that have been guiding me through this human life every day. From as long as I can remember, I have been seeking, whether it be universal laws, God, religion, spirituality, astrology… you name it I have sought it out! And after every big trial it brought me closer to something else. I learned about Reiki (energy healing) and the Law of Attraction while going through infertility issues. I learned about meditation and intuition after going through a miscarriage. I remembered my psychic gifts after going through a very deep and dark depression. I developed a magical relationship with my spirit guides and angels while going through a horrible time in my marriage (that thankfully didn’t end in divorce.) I learned about self-love while trying to do it all as a full-time working mom. Everything that I have ever endured brought me to where I am today. As one of my spiritual mentor’s, the beautiful Gabrielle Bernstein always says, “You teach what you heal.” So, I guess I DO have a lot to teach!

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